CorroCell- Quality, Performance, Values

CorroCell is  the business trading name from Xsail Pty Ltd which started in Brisbane (Australia) and works on Specialty Coatings and Specialty Resins. The Specialty Coatings include fine and nano ceramic coatings, refinish coatings and anti-friction coatings mainly for Automobile and Industrial fields.

An unique latest high performance surface restoration coatings for Car and Instruments , Click for Xpp FX.

Ultra High Performing Metallic Ceramic Lubricant Coatings, Colors: white, gray, and black

 Primer Putty in One (RP01); Light Weight Polyester Fillers (RP02)

   850M, Fine Ceramic Exhaust Systems Coatings 
metallic ceramic coatings [chrome white]

nano transparent ceramic coatings [H, M]
Click Crystal Clear Stone Hard nano coatings

   fine ceramic coatings 650 to 850M

AutoXpp01 to 04[temporary, permanent]
p Universal Thinners, Click for details

Xpp Universal Thinner, Great Range of Compatibility
Best Values,Click for detail 
Cleaning and Protection in One
 Fine Ceramic Coatings for Auto Protection & Finish
Fine Ceramic Coating for  Marine, Auto Finish and Protection
Click for Xpp02CC.doc

Click for details on wdc04

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