The company mainly works high end polymeric resins and specialty coatings. Specialty Coatings include fine ceramic coatings, nano ceramic coatings, hybrid ceramic coatings, and premier industrial coatings. Resins are high temperature resins, water-based high performance resins, and solvent free high performance resins.

The mission is to achieve the best combination of Performance, Economy
and Regulatory Compliance, and to provide specific solutions to challenge and demand applications from industrial sectors including airplane, trains, automobile, power plants, refineries, and etc.

Xsail Pty Ltd,商业交易名称为CorroCell,于201011月在澳大利亚布里斯班成立。 该公司主要生产高端聚合树脂和特种涂料。 特种涂料包括精细陶瓷涂料,纳米陶瓷涂料,混合陶瓷涂料和高品质的涂料的工业涂料。 树脂是高温树脂,水基高性能树脂和无溶剂高性能树脂。对一些来自汽车,海洋船舶,航空航天, 发电厂等工业部门提供高品质的树脂和精细涂料。