CorroCell- Quality, Performance, Values

CorroCell is  the business trading name from Xsail Pty Ltd which started in Brisbane (Australia) and works on Specialty Coatings and Specialty Composites. The Specialty Coatings include fine and nano ceramic coatings, refinish coatings and anti-friction coatings for mainly Automobile,Motorcycles Industry, and Machinery.

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fine to nano ceramic coatings [650 to 850]

metallic ceramic coatings [1000mc,1000mce]
      Click water-based peelable Coatings
         temporary protective and decorative


   Fine Ceramic Coatings [650 to 850]
metallic ceramic coatings [chrome white]

nano transparent ceramic coatings [H, M]
Click Crystal Clear Stone Hard nano coatings

   fine ceramic coatings 650 to 850M

AutoXpp01 to 04[temporary, permanent]

AutoXpp and building coatings CSC101

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